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Branding FAQ

*What exactly IS a Branding Session?

A Branding Session is a series of photos used to help promote and showcase a business, whether corporate, small business owner, or social media influencer/blogger. It can be photos of a facility/place of business, photos of products, lifestyle images showing your business "in action", or basic headshots. Through a comprehensive questionnaire and a pre-photoshoot meeting (either virtual or in person) we will dive into how you want to present yourself and your company to potential clients, and the photoshoot will capture the essence of what it's like to work with you, whether it's products, a service, or an atmosphere

*Why are Branding Sessions more expensive than regular Portrait Sessions? Aren't they the same types of photos?

Yes and no. The photos themselves are similar, but the process behind the session is very different, as are the edits (which, unlike my portrait edits, can be altered to fit the theme and mood of a brand). Additionally, images used commercially (meaning specifically for advertising or business/self promotion) will always be more because the Photographer is giving away Commercial Usage Rights.

*What if I'm not sure how I want my Brand to look yet?

That's fine! My questionnaire will help us start to hone in on what look and vibe you are going for and plan our session accordingly

*Can you size photos for various social medias?

Yes, depending on your plan for image usage I can edit and save the photos to maximize their potential on certain platforms (be it print or digital). This is one of the things we will go over ahead of time at our meeting!

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