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Portrait Session FAQs

*Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! I have a registered business license with several cities, and have my Vendor's Liability Insurance. Always ask any potential photographer's if they are licensed and insured to avoid tickets!

*What happens if my child won't cooperate during a session?

As a mother of two rambunctious boys, and a former elementary school teacher, I completely empathize and understand that kids can have "off" days. I've worked with every behavior you can think of - not much phases me! If your kiddo isn't feeling the photo session I do my best to adjust the session to their needs - whether it's "on the go" shots or unposed lifestyle shots, I come to your child at their level using calm but fun techniques to capture their personality.

*Can I get the RAW photos from a session?

The short answer is no, unedited photos are not an accurate representation of a Photographer's work, and it would be giving out a half-finished product. In the professional photography world it just isn't done. The long answer is - a very common misconception is that RAW photos are simply unedited photos. RAW photos are actually unprocessed, straight-out-of-the-camera files that need special software to both edit them and make them usable. Nearly all professional photographer's shoot in RAW, both to increase editing options and overall resolution. Photographer's often hear "But my previous photographer gave us RAW photos". What is a more likely scenario as that they gave you unedited JPEGs. Oftentimes very beginner Photographers (I was there at one time!) are not taking photos in RAW, they're shooting in JPEG, which yes, unedited JPEGs could be more easily given. I want my clients to get the best resolution photos possible, and therefore when I shoot in RAW they require extensive editing to make them usable. 

*Why do Events get "all" usable photos included, while Portrait Sessions are limited?

Events and Portraits are edited very differently. Event photos seek to capture that moment in time exactly as it happened, and are edited more quickly using only Adobe Lightroom. Event images do not receive the "full Photoshop treatment" unless clients wish to purchase those edits for extra. Portraits are art. Portrait photos first receive Lightroom edits, and then are finished in Photoshop to make the finished product perfect - extraneous background items taken out, blemishes removed, skin brightened, faces can even be swapped from one photo to another. Each portrait photo is hand-edited and takes quite a bit of time to make perfect!


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