The Editing Process 

Client-purchased images go through a full, hand-edited process to take them from RAW camera file to finished product. Below is a summary of the process, as well as editing techniques you can request for your photos.

RAW images are straight out of the camera and are a "blank slate". They lack color and clarity as they have not been processed. In addition, these files are very large and need software to make them usable.

RAW images are given an initial edit via Lightroom software. The colors are brought out and the image begins to take shape.

Images are lastly imported into Photoshop, where all the details are taken care of - background, fine-tuning of color, removal of unwanted objects, face-swapping, skin smoothing. Finally the images are converted into JPEG format, making them ready for printing and sharing

Edit Request Options

*Not all images will be eligible for the edit options

Basic Background Item Removal - Included

Face-Swapping - $5 per face

Basic Skin-Smoothing - Included

White-Background - $25/Image

Black Background - $25/Image

Other Edit Options

(pricing is per image)

Root Touch-Up - $5

Extensive Wrinkle, Acne,

or Scar Removal - $5

Facial & Body Slimming - $5

Teeth Whitening - $3

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