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After the Photoshoot: What to Expect Next! 

Once your photoshoot is complete, Client-purchased images go through a full, hand-edited process to take them from RAW camera file, to Lightroom early edits, to finished and fine-tuned Photoshop product ready for printing and displaying! Below is a summary of the process, as well as editing techniques you can request for your photos.

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 6.04.04 PM.png
RAW Image

RAW images are straight out of the camera and are a "blank slate". They lack color and clarity as they have not been processed. I will spend several hours culling through the RAW images to find the very best ones to begin the initial edits on!

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 6.03.53 PM.png
Lightroom Edit

After culling, the RAW images are given their first edits via Lightroom. The colors are brought out and the image begins to take shape. After this stage, you will be shown the top images in a watermarked gallery, where you can make specific editing requests.

*Reminder that per the contract, images are not available to buy or have at this stage, and proofs may not be screenshot in any way

Turn-Around Time: Within 10 Days

Final Image/Photoshop Edit

Your chosen Images are lastly imported into Photoshop, where all the details are taken care of - background, fine-tuning of color, removal of unwanted objects, face-swapping, skin smoothing. Finally the images are converted into JPEG format, making them ready for printing and sharing

*Turn-Around Time: Within 14 Days of Image Selection

Edit Request Options

*Not all images will be eligible for all edit options

Basic Item Removal - Included
Background people, trashcans, electric poles - gone!

Face-Swapping - $15 per face
To successfully face-swap, a very similarly lit and angled photo is needed (almost the exact same photo with the only difference being eyes closed or not smiling)


Basic Skin-Smoothing - Included
Smoothes mottled or blotchy skin, with option to remove cuts, minor blemishes, and minor scars. Be as specific as possible what you want removed and what you want to stay, as blemishes, scars and moles can be hard to distinguish between during editing.
*If you prefer the skin untouched or only slightly smoothed please let me know!

**Extensive wrinkle removal not included


Hair Flyaways - Included
**Please let me know if you do want the hair flyaways tamed or whether you prefer to leave it natural and as-is


Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 10.38.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 10.38.34 PM.png

White-Background - $50/Image


Winterize - $45/Image


Sky Replacement/Overlay - $10/Image
Adds a sunset or cloud-filled sky


Black Background - $50/Image
*Need to be specially set-up


Other Edit Options
(pricing is per image)

*Leash/Halter Removal - $15 per animal
*Teeth Whitening - $10 per face
*Tan Line Blending - $15 per person

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