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Real Estate Photo FAQ

How long will it take to photograph my property?

Each time will vary, most based on the size of the property. Typically 30 min to one hour for most residential areas, however larger properties or those with specific needs can be up to two hours.


How can I help prepare my home for a real estate photo shoot?

Prepare your home like you were going to have an open house. The neater and cleaner, the better it will photograph

*Checklist will be provided before the session


What type of photography equipment do you use?

I use a high end, professional grade Nikon 7500 with a speed light flash and a variety of lenses to capture the property from any perspective


Do you charge tax on your services?

CA law requires that photographers only charge sales tax on physical prints or objects (such as zip drives).


Can you supply formats that my MLS requires?

Yes, I will supply photographs in both a high resolution format for print and paper ads, and low resolution for email and web advertising


Do you retain the copyright to your images or are those transferred to me when I buy prints or digital images?

I retain the copyrights as is standard practice in the photography industry. However my licensing agreement gives you a wide range on what you can do with the images after you purchase a license to use them. Terms are provided in the contract.


Do you accept credit cards

Not at the moment. Payment can be made via PayPal, DFT (electronic funds transfer from your bank account) or direct invoice.


Do I have to meet you at the home to give you access?

I encourage agents to meet me at the property in case there are any questions, however if it is impossible for owner and/or agent to meet me then you can provide the code to the lockbox installed.

What happens during inclement weather?

Although inclement weather is rare in San Diego it does happen from time to time. In the even of unfavorable weather on the day of your shoot, you may opt to reschedule for the next available opening. You may also opt to proceed with the shoot as scheduled, with the understanding that your photos will reflect the weather (rain, clouds). Prices do not include digital processing to correct unfavorable weather conditions when and if those corrections are possible. In some severe weather conditions I cannot risk damage to the camera equipment and will not be able to shoot regardless. In those instances your shoot may be rescheduled for the next available opening. 

How long does it take to receive my photos?
I will typically have your photos to you within a 24 hr period (delivered via password protected gallery) unless I am experiencing a heavy workload. I guarantee a 48 hour turn around time.

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